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Value proposition

We provide a new app for smartphones that allows museum-goers to have a unique, more fulfilling experience when visiting a museum, using proximity sensors to show relevant information about each piece, its author and related artwork and allowing people to share their favorite pieces in a social network that increases awareness about the museum community and what it offers.

Proximity and location aware
Easy to use
Dynamic content
Social network sharing


Uses proximity sensors to show only information about the piece th visitor is looking at. It lets users add pieces to a “favorites” list

App is installed in user’s own smartphone

Shows location of museum services

Allows users to share photos of favorite pieces

App can keep track of most visited pieces, time spent at each piece, total duration of visit among other data


Visitors have a fulfilling learning experience that allows them to share their favorite moments with others.

No need for additional investments in hardware or maintenance; more hygienic alternative to traditional audio guides

Museum feels more accesible; visitors can stream-line their visit if pressed for time or fatigued

A social network of museum visitors is created, promoting art-sharing and awareness about the museum

Enables the museum to know more about its visitors and to fine-tune its curatorial and museographic approach